Mensajes (Page 25)

Mensajes (Page 25)

Predicaciones de la Iglesia Morada de Dios

Aquí podrás escuchar o descargar la predicaciones, mensajes y clases mas recientes de nuestra iglesia. Disfruta, aplica y sé transformado. Queremos recordarles que estos recursos son solo un suplemento y nunca deben remplazar tu compromiso con una familia de fe (iglesia). Veamos estos recursos como un regalo de la gracia de Dios. No dejen de orar para que Dios mueva los corazones de aquellos que escuchan la Palabra de Dios ser predicada.

Salvation – Predestination

There is no doctrine that sparks more controversy than the doctrine of Predestination. It is a difficult doctrine that demands to be handled with great care and caution. Why? Yet it is a biblical doctrine and therefore demands to be handled. We dare not ignore it. What predestination means, in its most elementary form, is that our final destination, heaven or hell, is decided by God not only before we get there, but before we are even born. From all eternity, before we…

Salvation – Introduction

Are you saved? Saved from what? Summary: The broad meaning of salvation is “to be rescued from a threatening situation.” Ultimate salvation means to be delivered from the ultimate calamity of God’s wrath. The Bible uses salvation in several tenses, referring to God’s past, present, and future work of redemption. Justification is sometimes used as a synonym for salvation; at other times it is seen as one aspect in the whole scheme of redemption. Salvation is of the Lord and…

The Existence of God

Last Tuesday, July 14 in our Youth and English class Kenneth Garcia taught us about the Existence of God in his new series The Doctrine of God. Notes attached. Enjoy, apply and be changed!

Salvation – Faith

New series for our youth group and Bible study in English. The book of Hebrews gives us a definition of faith: Hebrews 11:1 “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” It is one thing to believe in God; it is another thing to believe God. To believe God, to trust in Him for our very life, is the essence of the Christian faith. Summary  Christianity is a faith because it is based…